Terrain Modelling For Graziers

With advances of InFarm's technology, whole farm water management plans have become a reality. InFarm is providing data, to farmers, that gives them information that can help them better manage water use across their farms. Farmers are using the data to plan and identify potential ways to slow and spread water, to grow more grass, or reduce erosion on farming country.


This is done by capturing terrain models of their property and providing analysis that indicates where water might flow and pool. From there, Graziers have used this data to plan on ground work and better optimize water use across their farm.


Every block is different and no two properties have the same opportunities. InFarm offers a free low resolution call to show your property, the analysis, and discuss ways others have leveraged the data to optimize water use.


Grow More Grass?

The Grazier has successfully utilized the data to identify optimal locations for implementing leaky weirs in eroded gullies, as well as to optimize water distribution across ridges. By leveraging techniques such as slowing, spreading, and soaking water, the Grazier has achieved remarkable results, including increased grass growth, landscape rehydration, and a significant reduction in sediment loads within the creek. In Fact the gully is silting up.


We have provided an image below, offering a downhill perspective of the same structure. Take note of the noticeable difference in vegetation between the areas where water was deliberately slowed and spread, compared to the rest of the landscape. It is evident that the Grazier skillfully employed the data to pinpoint the ideal point for achieving maximum water spreading.


This remarkable transformation showcases the tangible benefits of utilizing our data-driven solutions. We are proud to have played a part in the Grazier's success and are eager to assist you in achieving similar outcomes on your own farm.



If you would like to explore further how our services can help you optimize water usage and enhance your land's productivity, please don't hesitate to click the "book a free introduction session foryour property" link below.  We would be delighted to schedule a call or provide more information to support your decision-making process.

Increase Ground Cover

Many Graziers find themselves in a situation where they are only utilizing half of their property for grass growth. Take a moment to examine the image below, captured in Central Queensland, specifically between Springsure and Tambo. As you can observe, the areas where water flows are precisely where the grass thrives. This presents a distinct opportunity to implement measures that slow and spread water, ultimately bridging the existing gaps. By accomplishing this, ground cover has the potential to increase significantly, ranging from 20% to 50%.


This visual evidence clearly highlights the untapped potential for maximizing grass growth and land utilization on your property. At InFarm, we specialize in providing data-driven solutions that empower Graziers like yourself to unlock these opportunities and achieve remarkable results.


If you book a Free introductory call we can discuss how our services can help you identify strategic water management techniques that may work for you. By implementing these strategies, you could harness the full potential of your land, significantly increasing ground cover and ultimately optimizing your farm's productivity.

High Level Demonstration of Analysis

Mixed Farming and Grazing operation water flow analysis. The video shows you, at a high level, how the farmer has leveraged the data to optimize water use across his farming and grazing country. 

If you're interested to understand how Terrain Modelling can benefit your production system, get in touch with us below.

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