Fallow Weed Managment


Farmers are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by spraying areas of their paddock that don’t need it. What InFarm does is use its drone to tractor technology to define the zones that actually need to be sprayed. In fact InFarm can save farmers up to 80% on their fallow weed herbicide bill and turn their everyday tractor into a weed-targeting machine.

The process is simple: use drones to capture high definition images of the paddock. These images are then uploaded into InFarm's processing platform where a unique weed-identifying algorithm is applied. The result is a tractor ready file that can be uploaded into a standard variable rate tractor via a USB. The data then controls the nozzles and sections turning them on and off depending on the presence of weeds.

From the farmers point of view nothing changes except plugging in a USB into their tractor consol. There is no need to buy expensive spot spraying equipment, we simply integrate with existing spraying machinery. 

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