Developing and integrating digital tools with on farm assets to unlock financial and ecological sustainability for global agriculture



InFarm is an Agricultural AI company focused on delivering ground breaking technology to farmers. 


Using state of the art AI and advance technology to develop tools that will help farmers become more efficient, save money or become more profitable.


InFarm's best known analysis is a fallow weed detection platform. It is a drone to tractor solution that integrates with farmers every day tractors. This eliminates the need for expensive extra equipment and allows farmers to target weeds, saving up to 95% in herbicide use on farm.  

our values

Purpose driven

We are committed to creating next generation solutions. We challenge the status quo with open minds and look beyond the present to deliver future value.

Value our team

We act with compassion and integrity in everything we do. We build trust through honest relationships and are accountable for our words, actions and results. We value ideas over hierarchy and are committed to honouring and developing our employees’ talents.

Consumer focus

We satisfy our consumers with superior products, value, service and experiences. We are committed to listening and responding positively to their needs. 

stay curious

We are committed to creating next generation solutions. We challenge the status quo with open minds and look beyond the present to deliver future value.

our Team

Jerome Leray

Managing Director, Founder

Jerome Leray is the Founder and Managing Director of InFarm and is committed to delivering solutions to farmers that increase productivity, resilience and sustainability. With a BCommerce and postgrad qualifications in Mineral Exploration and GeoScience, Jerome founded InFarm in early 2017 off the back of a highly successful aerial surveying and remote sensing business.  

Jerome is a recognised industry leader, having been awarded the Agricultural Ministers Emerging Leader Award in 2020, as well as representing Australia at the Entrepreneurship World Cup. For his contributions to technology and agriculture Jerome received a QLD Community Achievement Award and led InFarm to be awarded the Australian Food and Agribusiness of the Year in 2019. 

Alex Olsen

Operations Manager

Dr Alex Olsen has over 10 years of experience in research and development with a deep understanding and expertise of machine vision and deep learning technologies and their application in precision agriculture. He holds a PhD in Electronics Engineering from James Cook University, where he conducted research that revealed the promise of deep learning for weed species detection and robotic weed control. Dr Olsen has co-raised over $5M in research grants and led a variety of innovative projects to realise benefits for today’s growers. He is passionate about developing tangible solutions for agriculture to improve productivity for Australian farmers

Ross Marchant

Head Of Engineering

Dr Ross Marchant is the Head of Engineering at InFarm, and drives the advancement of cutting-edge technology to empower farmers with heightened productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. His extensive background spans industry and research, encompassing the design of electronic instruments for environmental monitoring and the application of image analysis and machine learning to tackle pest management at scale.