Queensland Terrain Modelling Field Days

Infarm to visit qld farmers for terrain modelling field days

With recent advances of InFarm's technology, practical whole farm water management plans have become a commercial reality. Utilising large scale data and AI, farmers and graziers can maximise production and water usage while drought proofing their properties and mitigating erosion. By mapping your property, InFarm can provide you with farm ready files uncovering the way water moves on your terrain. By mapping your catchments and water flow, we can see where water is leaving your production cycle and provide solutions to mitigate the losses.


To put this technology directly into the farmers hands, InFarm will be hosting introductory field days in five locations across Queensland this month.






Mt Coolon


Monday 19th July

Tuesday 20th July

Wednesday 21st July

Thursday 22nd July

Friday 23rd July


You can download the Terrain Modelling Overview Flyer here

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